Indulge in the sweet and sassy world of Cinnamon, a pastry enthusiast with big dreams and an appetite for all things sugary. Working at The Heavenly Glaze, a bakery renowned for its mouthwatering cinnamon buns, is the perfect summer job for this sugar-loving heroine.

Just when she thought her summer couldn’t get any sweeter, in walks Gus, a devilishly handsome silver fox. Sparks fly, and as he orders a cinnamon bun, Cinnamon can’t help but issue a warning: these buns are dangerously addictive.

With a twinkle in his eyes, Gus accepts the challenge. Can he resist the temptation of Cinnamon’s heavenly creation? Will he have his cake and eat it too? Will their shared love for sweets ignite a passion that’s even sweeter than cinnamon?

After all, love is like a perfectly baked treat – sometimes you just can’t resist taking that first, scrumptious bite.