He’s my father, but you’re my Daddy . . .


This is not how my life was supposed to be. My best friend is at college, but since Dad drank up my college fund, I am stuck working in the cafe. I’ll have to pay for it myself if I want to go to school. But Dad makes it so hard . . .


I’ve never needed anyone. Not until that day I walked into the Sunshine Cafe and met sweet, beautiful Scarlett. How embarrassing to be a forty-one-year-old man obsessing over a woman half my age!

But the more I learn about Scarlett, the more I want to help her. I’ll never be able to take her home with me, to make her mine forever, but still, I will do whatever I can to help her.

Scarlett’s Daddy is an explicit age gap older man romance. Adults only!

***Trigger Warning: Includes a depiction of severe alcoholism and mention of a past suicide. Please do not read it if these subjects are difficult for you.